National Confectioners Association

September/October 2015

In this issue: In this issue: Discover the true economic impact the industry has on the U.S. economy, how college students snack and where the emerging markets are for the category; learn how to elevate seasonal sales with Sweet Insights S5 program; and find out how Chocolat Frey AG’s acquisition of SweetWorks Confections LCC is moving both companies forward. In addition, segment reports on cookies, bulk candy and coconut products divulge the latest trends in these sectors.

September/October 2015

In this issue: Discover how the Hilco Corp. acquisition by CandyRific, LLC is benefiting both companies; the latest trends and innovations lifting lollipop, hard candy mint and novelty item sales; and what Pack Expo International will offer attendees. Other features include an inside look at how Maverik, Inc. approaches the category, tips for navigating the first six months on the job from Dylan’s Candy Bar executive Kristin Anderson and a preview of summer products being offered for the 2016 season.

July/August 2015

In this issue: Find out how caramels became the star of the chewy candy segment and what’s behind the trend for slim-profile snacks and candy in our segment reports; pick up expert tips for choosing your next temperer; recap highlights of this year’s Sweets & Snacks Expo; and look for in-depth Sweet Insights analysis of 2015 Valentine’s and Easter candy sales and ideas for succeeding at seasonal in 2016.

2015 Expo Dailies

In this issue: Review our complete coverage from all three days of the 2015 Sweets & Snacks Expo, including keynote speaker recaps, overviews of Sweet Insights Theater presentations, product introduction news and exclusive insights from category leaders.

May/June 2015

In this issue: Our Sweets & Snacks Expo issue features hundreds of candy and snack items launching during the show; segment reports on sour confectionery and vegetable and baked snacks; features on pecans and heirloom cocoa; coverage of c-store trends and the popularity of better-for-you / better-for-the-world items; and articles on 3D chocolate printing, employee training and crisis management. Don’t miss our exclusive interview with Mars Chocolate North America President Tracey Massey; a study of how Edward Marc Brands is transitioning from the regional arena to the mass market; and our profile of Associated Food Stores Category Manager Chad Christensen.

March/April 2015

In this issue: Exclusive interviews with Confectionery Leadership Award winners Michael Maslen and Dave Schulze and a recap of this year's State of the Industry Conference; the Sweets & Snacks Expo Pre-show Planner; insights on using equipment data to reduce waste and increase productivity; inside looks at seasonal flavors and the fruit-and-chocolate segment; intel on the potential impact of new school fundraising rules on the industry; and a glimpse at must-have Halloween and Christmas products.

January/February 2015

In this issue: The Candy & Snack TODAY editorial team searched low and high to compile the major trends that will impact the category this year, while Trends Editor Joan Steuer weighs in on items reflecting the hottest movements in the market. Other features include tips on getting production facility sanitation up to FSMA standards; reviews of the fruit snack, protein products and chewy candy segments; an examination of the Chinese consumer; and the latest developments in recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

November/December 2014

In this issue: Find innovative solutions for lowering labeling and coding costs, expanding candy sales with recipe tie-ins and kindling shopper interest with LED-lit displays. In addition, take a page from Jewel-Osco’s highly effective merchandising playbook; catch up on the NCA Washington Forum; learn how boxed chocolates can drive profits year round; and find out what’s ahead in count goods and functional candy. Plus, we showcase hot new products that promise summer season success.

September/October 2014

In this issue: An exclusive interview with new NCA President and CEO John H. Downs, Jr. In addition, The Hershey Co.’s senior manager of sourcing details the company’s commitment to sustainable palm oil. The edition also features segment reports on gummies, limited edition items and meat snacks as well as a preview of Pack Expo International. Salty snack flavors are explored and the World Cocoa Foundation’s Bill Guyton explains the organization's approach for its CocoaAction platform.

July/August 2014

In this issue: A recap of award-winning products, dynamic keynotes and category intelligence gathered at the largest Sweets & Snacks Expo to date; segment reports on hard candy and popcorn; Gary Guittard, of Guittard Chocolates, discusses fine flavor cocoa preservation; and a preview of the latest Valentine’s Day and Easter products.

2014 Expo Dailies

In this issue: View our complete coverage from the show floor of the 2014 Sweets & Snack Expo, including keynote and Shopper Solutions Theater recaps, information on products introduced at the Expo, photos from events surrounding the show, and exclusive insights from industry experts and leaders.

May/June 2014

In this issue: Our Sweets & Snacks Expo issue features more than 400 candy and snack items introduced during the show; segment reports covering pretzels, gum, and taffy; and features on natural colors, male shoppers and how companies can increase international sales. This issue also has exclusive reports on Butterfields Candy Co.; Mars Chocolate North America’s Topeka, KS, plant opening; and Just Born, Inc.’s plans to expand its Peeps line for everyday sales.

March/April 2014

In this issue: Exclusive interviews with NCA Confectionery Leadership Award winners Jamal Parker and Tim Erceg; the SWEETS & SNACKS Expo Pre-Show Planner; and reports on potato chips, lollipops and intense sweeteners; a preview of Interpack 2014 and a recap of the NCA State of the Industry Conference.

January/February 2014

In this issue: Trends impacting the industry from manufacturing to consumer preferences are examined; segment reports highlight developments in licorice and jellies markets; Information Resources, Inc. shares details on working with big data; Sweet Insights identifies five keys to growing everyday sales; and the public policy issues that are anticipated to impact the industry this year are highlighted.

November/December 2013

In this issue: The Hershey Co.'s Michele Buck shares the company's plan to drive growth in the coming years; the snack mix, nostalgic products and functional/fortified chocolate markets are explored; Hudson News' buyer describes how he helps meet on-the-go consumers' needs. This issue also delves into the latest trends in flexible packaging as well as how cocoa growing is being promoted in Peru.

September/October 2013

In this issue: Suppliers, distributors and other experts share strategies for driving c-store candy sales; learn how the FDA's final rule on gluten-free claims will affect product labels; find out which on-pack health and nutrition claims attract consumers; keep current with segment reports on kids candy, sugarfree, breath mints and fruit snacks; get fresh consumer research on nutrition bars and candy's role in a balanced diet; plus an interview with Cleveland Clinic Buyer Joe Sweet on how healthy snacks stir sales in health-focused retail.

July/August 2013

In this issue: Learn how suppliers are approaching the voluntary FOP labeling initiative and the response from consumers; a progress update on global sustainability programs; segment reports on cookies and truffles; our recap of the 2013 Sweets & Snacks Expo; and an exclusive interview with Sam’s Club Senior Buyer Jamal Parker.

Thursday Expo Daily

In this issue: Catch up on keynote addresses, show floor trends, Most Innovative New Products Awards, the Shopper Solutions Theater and other highlights from this year’s Sweets & Snacks Expo and visit the photo gallery.

Wednesday Expo Daily

In this issue: Catch up on keynote addresses, show floor trends, Most Innovative New Products Awards, the Shopper Solutions Theater and other highlights from this year’s Sweets & Snacks Expo and visit the photo gallery.

Tuesday Expo Daily

In this issue: Complete coverage from the 2013 SWEETS & SNACKS Expo.

May/June 2013

In this issue: Our Sweets & Snacks Expo guide featuring more than 430 products; segment reports covering jelly beans, snack crackers and granola; and features covering the impact of private label items, the Hispanic male demographic and how companies are leveraging social media. This issue also has an exclusive report from Mars Chocolate North America’s Tim Quinn on growing front-end sales.

Spring 2013

March/April 2013

In this issue: Exclusive interviews with the three Confectionery Leadership Award winners Julia Bischoff, Kimberley Felice-Dooley and AJ Jesswani; The Sweets & Snacks Expo Pre-Show Planner; segment reports on white chocolate and trail mix; State of the Industry Conference and ISM recaps; and a news exclusive on Ford Gum & Machine Co., Inc.

Winter 2013

In this issue: Industry executives share their outlooks for the coming business year, new NCA Chairman Bob Simpson outlines the goals he has for his tenure; ISM and ProSweets events are previewed, The Madelaine Chocolate Co. shares its recovery efforts after being hit by Hurricane Sandy, Flavor houses and industry experts weigh in on the taste trends for the coming year.

January/February 2013

In this issue: Industry experts highlight major trends impacting the category in 2013, a look at the newest merchandising practices for the evolving retail landscape, news exclusive on Bazooka Candy Brands reintroducing its namesake bubble gum brand, Christmas and Halloween Buyers’ Marts and segment reports on spray and liquid candies and candy canes.

November/December 2012

In this issue: The chewing gum market is explored, while the NCA Sweet Insights program reveals data on demographic preferences for gum flavors and formats; trends editor Joan Steuer and industry executive Vincent Garibaldi take a look at what is driving sales in non-traditional candy outlets; and in-depth segment reports on cotton candy, sugarfree items, popcorn and the growing chocolate bar market.

Fall 2012

In this issue: The NCA Sweet Insights program profiles chocolate and chewy candy consumers, highlighting ways to grow sales in both segments; the WCF’s new CocoaMAP program aims to track the performance of the cocoa sector through data on yields, profitability, environmental impacts and social influences; The Hershey Co. celebrates 35 years of promoting active lifestyles and moderate consumption through its Track and Field Games; and attorney Robert Hahn details the most common lawsuits resulting from labeling claims and how to avoid them.

September/October 2012

In this issue: Sal Ferrara, chairman and CEO of the newly formed Ferrara Candy Co., Inc., discusses the future of what is now the third largest non-chocolate candy company in the U.S.; category leaders share insights on ways to boost sales in c-stores; and segment reports on licorice, hard candy and pretzels delve into the trends impacting sales and how to benefit.

Summer 2012

In this issue: An in-depth look at the first data released from the NCA Sweet Insights program; details on how to boost online sales and reach Latino consumers; a look at how political parties are divided on food safety and labeling; and a preview on this year’s Washington Forum as well as an update on Mars, Inc.’s global cocoa sustainability efforts.

July/August 2012

In this issue: Trend reports on products featuring peanut butter and jelly, the shifting club store demographic and kosher’s wide appeal as well as a recap of this year’s SWEETS & SNACKS Expo; in-depth features on the taffy, all-natural and organic segments; and a first look at data from the NCA Sweet Insights initiative.

Thursday Expo Daily

In this issue: Complete coverage from the 2012 SWEETS & SNACKS Expo.

Wednesday Expo Daily

In this issue: Complete coverage from the 2012 SWEETS & SNACKS Expo.

Tuesday Expo Daily

In this issue: Complete coverage from the 2012 SWEETS & SNACKS Expo.

May/June 2012

In this issue: Our 2012 SWEETS & SNACKS Expo guide, more than 460 products, an interview with KeHE Distributors’ Kim Kristofer, and reports on marshmallows, artisan chocolate, Mars, Inc.’s cocoa research, cherry candy, snack bars, potato chips, meat snacks, marketing to women, sampling, Hispanic consumers, and industry trends.

Spring 2012

In this issue: Tribute to industry legends, and reports on packaging, the natural market, ProSweets 2012, Cargill’s cocoa sustainability efforts, connecting with Capitol Hill through candy samples, labeling color additives, and the new NCA Sweet Insights program.

March/April 2012

In this issue: Major interviews with NCA Confectionery Leadership Award winners Paul Minger, Val Stansfield and John Scardina; the SWEETS & SNACKS Expo Pre-Show Planner; and reports on dollar stores, boxed chocolates, gummies, natural trends, ISM in Cologne and the NCA’s State of the Industry Conference.

Winter 2012

In this issue: Details on the NCA’s national health and wellness campaign, ADM’s cocoa sustainability efforts, and what to expect at ProSweets, plus reports on state taxes, recall insurance, wellness programs, and shopper attitudes toward health, wellness and candy.

January/February 2012

In this issue: Articles on college bookstores, missing sales opportunities in grocery, growing ROI through shopper marketing, chocolate-covered salted snacks, lollipops and an interview with Sultana Distribution Services candy buyer Brian Gold.

November/December 2011

In this issue: Coverage of dark chocolate, better-for-you products, jellies, sweets that shock, and candy in unexpected retail locations, as well as exclusive reports on the 2011 Washington Forum, Candy Hall of Fame and New Product Awards, and a buyer interview with George Patterson, of AMC Theatres.

Fall 2011

In this issue: Providing NCA members with in-depth industry intelligence for today’s business environment.

September/October 2011

In this issue: In-depth features about jelly beans, breath mints and caramels; details on how to capitalize on point-of-sale data; coverage of industry efforts to encourage reform of the U.S. sugar program; new products; and an exclusive Dot Foods, Inc. distributor profile.

July/August 2011

In this issue: Reports on retro candy, merchandising for maximum impact, capturing trip frequency, and our exclusive SWEETS & SNACKS Expo coverage, as well as Valentine and Easter product previews and in-depth features on brittles, trail mix, and energy-boosting sweets and snacks.

Wednesday Expo Daily

In this issue: Complete coverage from the 2011 SWEETS & SNACKS Expo.

Tuesday Expo Daily

In this issue: Complete coverage from the 2011 SWEETS & SNACKS Expo.

May/June 2011

In this issue: Our 2011 Sweets & Snacks Expo pre-show guide, coverage of more than 450 products, an interview with E-Z Mart, Inc. Category Manager Danna Huskey, and in-depth articles on licorice, bubblegum, coconut, popcorn and sustainable packaging.

March/April 2011

In this issue: Major interviews with winners of the NCA’s first annual Confectionery Leadership Awards, a SWEETS & SNACKS Expo Pre-Show Planner special section, Cinnamon flavor trend report, update on the Sugarfree sector and pictorial reviews of the ISM show in Cologne and the NCA’s State of the Industry Conference in Miami.

January/February 2011

In this issue: Focused reports on consumer trends, lower-income shoppers and marketing to male consumers, as well as our exclusive interview with NCA Vice-chairman Bob Simpson and coverage of the taffy segment, popular licenses and the gluten-free market.

November/December 2010

In this issue: Trend reports on peanut butter and the cracker segment, how event sampling encourages sales, our exclusive interview with NCA Chairman Mitchell Goetze and a look at how Travel Centers’ Erin Slater buys candy and snacks for a consumer base of professional drivers.

September/October 2010

In this issue: Examining the influence of real fruit and fruit flavors on new product introductions, an interview with ampm Category Manager Jim Hachtel, understanding consumer demand and an explanation of the industry’s latest commitment to sustainable cocoa production.

July/August 2010

In this issue: A wrap up of the 2010 SWEETS & SNACKS Expo, an inside look at Sam’s Club, our exclusive findings on the state of the hard candy sector, private label candy update and reaching the Hispanic market.

Wednesday Expo Daily

In this issue: Complete coverage from the 2010 SWEETS & SNACKS Expo.

Tuesday Expo Daily

In this issue: Complete coverage from the 2010 SWEETS & SNACKS Expo.

May/June 2010

In this issue: 2010 Sweets & Snacks Expo show and product previews, all natural products, lollipops, candy in combat zone, ethical and fair trade practices and Wilson Farms Rachel Montgomery buyer interview.

March/April 2010

In this issue: Boxed chocolate sales, spring and summer sales opportunities, socially aware marketing, Blockbuster’s Joe Koubek interview and SWEETS & SNACKS Expo 2010 pre-show planner.

January/February 2010

In this issue: Snack Bars report, marshmallows segment update, Christmas and Halloween Buyers Mart and Pamida’s Pat Stenoish interview.

November/December 2009

In this issue: Milk chocolate bars report, reaching consumers through social media websites, Giant Eagle’s Tim Tackett interview and info on the 2010 Sweets & Snacks Expo.

September/October 2009

In this issue: Interview with Walgreens’ Paul Minger, C-Store report, reaching the baby boomer market, healthy chips report and theater boxes update.