National Confectioners Association

Smarties Gets Creme Variety

With a creme layer matched with a traditional fruit-flavored pressed dextrose layer, Smarties ‘N Creme are new from Smarties Candy Co.

The company reports the dairy-free products have 25-calories per serving and come in 2.25-ounce foil-wrapped rolls.

Shipping 12- 24-ct displays per case, they have a SRP range of 99 cents to $1.39.

Pineapple Bars Join Lindt Excellence Line

Dark chocolate with pineapple and caramelized hazelnut inclusions, Lindt Excellence Pineapple bars are being introduced by Lindt & Sprüngli (USA), Inc.

Developed in collaboration with J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines to pair with its Riverstone brand Chardonnay, according to the company, the bars are currently in limited release with wider distribution planned for early 2015.

The 2.75-ounce bars have a SRP of $2.79, the ship 12 12-ct sleeves per case.

Hammond’s Adds Spicy Mango, Honey Peanut Popcorns

Hammond’s Candies, LLC is adding Mango Habanero and Honey Peanut popcorn to its all-natural snack offerings.

The mango and chili variety delivers a sweet and spicy fruity flavor, while a honey glaze is featured in the peanut popcorn offering.

The all-natural popcorns come in eight-ounce bags with a SRP range of $3.99 to $4.99 and ship in 12-ct display-ready cases.

Shelf-Stable Hummus Has Gluten-Free Chips, Crackers

All-natural, shelf-stable hummus comes with gluten-free crackers and chips in three varieties from Wild Garden.

Individually wrapped, 1.76-ounce single-serve packs of the company’s traditional and roasted garlic hummus come with gluten-free CrunchMaster multi-seed crackers, The Daily Crave vegetable chips and Wild Garden quinoa chips. In addition, the line includes hummus with Wild Garden pita chips.

Gluten-free varieties pack in 2.26-ounce boxes, while the pita chips come in 3.01-ounce boxes. All varieties carry a $2.29 SRP and ship in six-ct and 36-ct cases and 96-ct shippers.