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Almonds Plus Chocolate
Equals Pure Passion

Here's a sweet stat: 70% of people worldwide prefer chocolate with almonds than without. So by including almonds in your creations, you'll stir up passion in chocolate lovers everywhere. Click here for more decadent facts.

Klondike Candy Goes Bite Size

Building on the successful launch of Klondike Candy, chocolate bars inspired by the ice cream brand, Imaginings 3, Inc./Flix Candy is introducing Klondike Candy Bites.

The bite-size pieces have creamy chocolatey fudge and sea salt caramel centers covered in milk chocolate and pack in six-ounce reclosable bags featuring the iconic Klondike polar bear logo.

With a SRP range of $3.99 to $4.99, the bags ship in 12-ct cases and 24-ct shippers.

Cheetos Go Sweet For Easter

Marking its first and only sweet variation, Frito-Lay North America, Inc. is introducing Cheetos Sweetos for the Easter season.

The limited-edition, egg-shaped puffed snacks are sweetened with cinnamon and sugar and will begin seeing facing at retail during February in seven-ounce bags, the company reports.

"Whether it's our Cheetos Bag of Bones Halloween-themed snack or first-of-its-kind Cheetos Mix-Ups product, we're always looking for ways to add some playful fun to the snack aisle," says Jeff Klein, vice-president of marketing. "So this year — in true Cheetos fashion — we decided to turn spring snacking on its head with the most unexpected treat in decades." 

Shipping in 12-ct cases, they have a $3.49 SRP.

Nathan's Snack Line Adds Onion Rings

Nathan's Famous Beer Battered Onion Rings are being added to the line of snacks inspired by the famous hot dog stand's menu from Inventure Foods, Inc.

Made using a proprietary extrusion method that bakes instead of fries the product, the snacks have 130 calories per serving and are free from gluten and trans fats.

The onion-flavored items come in two- and 3.5-ounce bags with SRPs of $1.99 and $2.49, respectively. Both sizes ship in 12-ct cases.