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Mondelez Slims Oreo Profile

Developed to appeal to lapsed shoppers who enjoyed the sandwich cookie brand as children and more sophisticated consumers, Mondelez International, Inc. is releasing a thinner version of its Oreo brand.

As a result of the format, a new serving size was established: Original variety has a serving of three cookies with 160 calories, while Oreo Thins are a 140-calorie, four cookie portion, the company reports.

Initially released in Asian markets, the line will become part of Mondelez’s permanent offerings and will be available in original, Golden and mint varieties. Reclosable 10.1-ounce packs have a SRP of $4.59 and ship 12 per case.

Scharffen Berger Debuts Fruit Inclusion Bar

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker is adding 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate with Raspberries & Sea Salted Almonds to its line, the brand’s first item with fruit inclusions, according to parent company The Hershey Co.

Made with Rainforest Alliance-certified cocoa, the fruit and nuts add a depth to the fine cacao complexities, according to Scharffen Berger Vice-President Bernie Banas.

They are available in one- and three-ounce sizes with SRPs of $2.50 and $4.95, respectively. Smaller bars ship in four 18-ct displays per case, while larger packs ship four 12-ct trays per case.

Baby Bottle Pop Adds Cotton Candy Variety

Bazooka Candy Brands is extending its Baby Bottle Pop line, which combines a bottle-shaped pop and flavored powder for dipping, with a cotton candy variety.

“Baby Bottle Pop has been a hit at retail for years, and has gained additional momentum recently, making it the perfect time to expand the brand with an exciting new flavor,” says Brand Manager Elizabeth Mangold.

During the past six years the brand has ranked among the top non-chocolate brands at checkout and increased sales 16 percent, according to Bazooka.

With a SRP range of $1.49 to $1.79, the 1.1-ounce pops ship 16, 18-ct displays per case.

Valor Bar Line Expands In U.S.

Liberty Richter, a division of World Finer Foods, adds a range of Valor Chocolates bars to its portfolio and becomes the exclusive U.S. distributor for the brand, according to the company.

The line includes all-natural, whole Marcona almond, and no-sugar-added and sugarfree products in a range of dark and milk chocolate options.

Gonzalo Sanchez, export director for Valor, explains the brand has been in the U.S. for 15 years and has developed a loyal consumer base. “Now is the time for expansion, and in order to take our brand to the next level, we needed a partner that understands our heritage and offering, as well as one with an extensive national reach. Liberty Richter, with its distribution capabilities, customer relationships, and sales and marketing support services, is the perfect partner.”

All-Natural and whole Marcona almond 3.5-ounce bars have a SRP of $3.25 and ship six 17-ct trays per case, while 8.75-ounce Marcona almond bars ship 10 per case and have a SRP of $7.99.

Sugarfree bars are available in 3.5- and 5.3-ounce varieties with SRPs of $3.99 and $5.29, respectively. Small sugarfree bars ship six 17-ct trays per case, while the larger size ship four 14-ct trays per case.