National Confectioners Association

Lindt Extends Hello Line With Bites

Joining Lindt & Sprüngli (USA) Inc.’s Hello line of mini sticks and bars, are Bites in three varieties.

Pretzel Bites feature the salty snack covered in milk chocolate, while the toffee variety has buttery salted toffee enrobed in milk chocolate and minty Bites have soft mint centers covered in dark chocolate.

“With salty pretzel, buttery toffee and refreshing mint centers wrapped in premium chocolate and served in bite-sized pieces, Hello Bites offer consumers a handful of flavor,” says Thomas Linemayer, president and CEO of Lindt USA.

Coming in 5.2-ounce reclosable bags with a SRP of $4.39, they ship eight per case.

‘Miles From Tomorrowland’ Licensed Novelties Debut

Two novelties with light and sound features that leverage Disney Junior’s intergalactic science animated series Miles From Tomorrowland license are being introduced by CandyRific, LLC.

Laserangs light up and emit sound when a button is pushed and hold 0.53 ounces of microbites candy. With a SRP of $4.99, they ship six nine-ct displays per case.

Also packing with 0.53 ounces of microbites candy, Communicator Cuffs can be strapped onto wrists and produce sounds when activated. Also carrying a $4.99 SRP, they ship six 12-ct displays per case.

Banana Chips Are Oil-, Fat-Free

Baked rather than fried, All Natural Crunchy Banana Chips are new from Bare Snacks in three flavors.

The company claims the items are the first to use a slow baking process and the products contain no added oil, preservatives or sugars. The chips are available in simply banana, cinnamon and cocoa dusted varieties.

“Bananas are the number-one consumed fruit in the country, surpassing even apples and watermelon. Our unique baking process locks in the sweet flavor of fresh bananas while adding a satisfying crunch,” says Dana Ginsburg, director of marketing.

The Non-GMO Project verified, gluten- and fat-free banana chips come in 2.7-ounce bags with a SRP of $3.99. They ship 12 per case.

Cookie Lines Have Organic Wheat, No Preservatives

A line of cookies and cookie bites from Annie's Inc. are made with organic wheat and no preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils, according to the company.

Chocolate chip, double chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies provide 130 calories and 4g of whole grains per serving, the company claims. Packing in 8.4-ounce trays with a SRP range of $2.99 to $3.99.

Bite-size chocolate chip, oatmeal and Lemon Drop cookies deliver 4g of whole grains and 140 calories per serving. They pack in reclosable 5.5-ounce standup bags with a $2.25 SRP.